Home Mortgage Loans

Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make in your life. But mortgage loans can be complicated and confusing. Isn't it nice to know you don't have to do it alone?

With a home loan from FNB Pandora, you'll work with a local bank based right here in Ohio. Our loan experts know the area, the process, and will be with you every step of the way. Let us tailor a loan that's just right for you.

Check out our First-Time Home Buyer Program.

Home Mortgage Loans
  • Competitive rates
  • Fixed and adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs)
  • Pre-approval available
  • Down payment assistance programs available
  • Affordable payments
  • Knowledgeable loan staff to assist you
  • Local decisions and processing
  • Commitment to personal service
  • Automatic payment available

Learn more about the Mortgage Process here: A Consumer's Guide to Mortgage Settlement Costs.

Mortgage Originators

Vanessa Greer

NMLS #729973

Devin Ellerbrock

NMLS # 1182085

Kris Lowry

NMLS #619188

Tammy Walter

NMLS #1213197

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