Moola Moola Savings Club

It's never too early to start learning financial basics. But trying to get them interested in anything so "grown-up" isn't that easy. That's where the Moola Moola Club comes in!

This account makes learning to save fun! Kids will join Moola Moola and his friends in the magical world of Lotta Loot—they can do fun activities, go to educational sites, and more. Plus, they can get prizes from the treasure chest by depositing cash in their new account throughout the year. It's so much fun, they won't even realize they're learning!

Moola Moola Savings Club
  • Savings for kids 13 and under
  • Teach kids the value of saving
  • Fun games and information
  • Earn interest on entire balance
  • No monthly fee or minimum balance
  • Prizes from the treasure chest for depositing funds

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