Just For Kids

Fun with Moola Moola!

Moola Moola is the leader of our Moola Moola Savings Club for Kids.

Moola Moola teaches us the value of saving. Kids will have fun while learning to save money in their savings account. Plus, they have the chance to win prizes throughout the year!

Moola Moola encourages friends to save so they'll have money for college, vacations or anything special they may want someday. To see savings tips from Moola Moola, just click here.

The Learn to Save website has lots of fun kids activities. Try it today at learntosave.com.

To satisfy growing curiosity about money, check out the United State Mint website. Click here to go there!

The Federal Reserve Kids page allows the chance to learn more about how banking works. Click here to learn more.

Ever wondered about online banking or fixing your credit? Here's a great resource!