Simply Savings

Protect your money...from yourself! The easiest and best way to save is to put it in a separate account than your checking, where you're less likely to spend it.

A savings account from FNB Pandora offers you a safe place to keep your money and a solid interest rate to help you build your balance. Your money is always within reach when you need it, through free online banking and surcharge-free ATMs nationwide. Get started saving today!

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Simply Savings
  • $25 minimum deposit to open
  • Interest bearing account
  • Earnings compounded quarterly
  • Free online banking
  • Free eStatements - paper statement available for $2.00 per statement
  • Free debit card with nationwide ATM network
  • Free TeleBanc phone banking at 800.462.6694
  • Free mobile banking
  • Automatic deposit available to help you save
  • $4 monthly fee waived with average daily balance of $200 or $25,000 in deposit accounts or any active loan with the same Tax ID number
  • 6 withdrawals per month, $10 each thereafter

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