Enhanced Online Banking FAQ

When will the transition to enhanced online banking take place and the NEW mobile app be available?

  • Online banking will be down approximately 24 hours starting at 3pm on June 1st for the upgrade.
  • Enhanced online banking and the NEW mobile app will be available the afternoon of June 2nd.

This is the first I am hearing of these changes. How have they been communicated?

  • Starting in early to mid-May we began sharing with our customers the exciting news that enhanced online banking was coming soon, along with a NEW mobile app. Our communication has included emails to current online banking customers, eBlasts to our distribution list, Facebook posts, branch signage and letters and phone calls for customers who previously used our Money HQ service.

Why are you changing to enhanced online banking?

  • Our goal is to put You. First. Always. Our customers have been asking for updated online banking features and a mobile app that make it easier to manage their accounts and finances. The enhanced online banking will include many features to make your life easier, including the Personal Financial Management Tool and the mobile app.

Will I have to register again for online banking?

  • No, you will not need to register.
  • These items will all automatically transfer over to the enhanced online banking:
  • User Name and Password
  • Security Image and Phrase
  • Account Nicknames
  • Bill Pay Payees and Payments
  • Internal Transfers
  • Account Alerts
  • Account balances and history

What do I need to do if I am a business customer?

  • If you currently have your business and personal accounts under the same online banking registered user there is nothing for you to do.
  • At any point in the future you would like to take advantage of additional business features you can do so by creating business online banking registered user credentials. Business online banking features include:
  • Add secondary users with restricted capabilities
  • Bill Pay
  • Transfers

What are some of the features of enhanced online banking?

  • Synching capabilities with Quicken and QuickBooks
  • More features to manage your accounts and finances online without calling the bank
  • Advanced security measures to protect you and your finances,
  • Real Time Alerts
  • Free Personal Financial Management (PFM) Tool
  • Site personalization by each customer
  • Business accounts can have multiple Entitled Users with varying levels of access or function ability
  • Transfers can be made to external accounts
  • NEW! Mobile App for iOS and Android

What can I do with the Personal Financial Management Tool (PFM)?

  • Track and compare spending history & reports
  • Separate reports for spending, income, and budgeting by category
  • Auto categorization of transactions based on key words
  • Ability to split transactions into multiple categories
  • Savings goals with progress tracking tools showing goals over elapsed calendar period based on starting balance and start/end dates
  • Savings goal progress alerts
  • Ability to add comments to transactions
  • Color coded budget graphs to show relative scale of expenses and under/over budget levels
  • 12 month averages on budget page
  • To view the PFM tool from the Mobile App please set up a budget and spending goal within the online banking PFM tool.

Does enhanced online banking support Direct Connect Quicken/Quickbooks Bill Pay Features?

I have my online banking sign-in page bookmarked, will the link be the same?

  • No, there will be a new link to the page available once enhanced online banking is up and running the afternoon of June 2nd.

When will NEW mobile app be available?

  • June 2nd for iOS and Android
  • Windows phone users can access their online banking via the www.e-FNB.com on their phone browser
  • iPhone: Click Here!
  • Android: Click Here!

How can we find the app in the app store?

  • Search "e-FNB Mobile Bank"

Is there a charge to download the FNB App?

  • No, the app is free to download.

Can I download eStatements in the app?

  • At this time eStatements are not available in the mobile app but we are looking for this as an option in the future.

Will there be training available for enhanced online banking?

  • While enhanced online banking is user friendly and very intuitive, yes, we have links below to training videos for you to review in advance of the transition and become more familiar.

I used Money HQ, will my Money HQ files transfer over?

  • No, you will need to download or export the files and/or data before May 31st.

Do you have another product available in place Money HQ?

  • Yes, all our customers will have the Personal Financial Management Tool (PFM) FREE as a part of our enhanced online banking.

I used Money HQ to make external transfers. Can I do that with the PFM or enhanced online banking?

  • Yes, with our enhanced online banking you will be able to make external transfers.

Within online banking, can I move or delete some of the "modules" that show on a page? For example, "I want to move or remove the Recent Transaction section on my Account Summary page.

  • Yes! You can customize your online banking pages.
  • Hit the Gear Icon at the top right corner of each page/tab.
  • The name of each module on that page will appear.
  • To remove a module from that page, simply uncheck the box and click Save.
  • To change the order of the module on a page, click and drag the top row of the module and move it to the desired location.

Where do I find my statements within online banking?

  • eStatements and eLoan Bills are on the eDocuments Tab.

On the eStatementpage, can I see the Account Nick Name instead of the Account Number?

  • Unfortunately, not at this time . The request has been made however, we do not have an estimated time for this to be completed.