Overdraft Privilege

Don't let your important purchases be denied. With overdraft privilege, we can make sure you can buy the things you need, even if you don't have as much cash in your account as you thought.

FNB Pandora automatically covers account holder checks and automatic debits. If you would like to have your everyday purchases and ATM withdrawals covered too, let us know. We can make sure a simple accounting error doesn't put you in a potential embarrassing or inconvenient situation. *Qualifications apply.

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Overdraft Privilege
  • Protect your credit
  • Avoid denied debit card purchases or ATM withdrawals
  • Eliminate merchant NSF fees
  • No bounced checks
  • No maintenance charges
  • Low $34 per NSF fee
  • Subject to approval

To opt in for ATM and everyday purchases protected, review this Opt-In Form. Fill it out and bring it in to get started.

Savings Transfer Option

You can also link your savings account to your checking account or another savings account for automatic transfers to cover overdrafts. This service is available for a $10 per transfer charge. In addition, your established line of credit at FNB may be linked to your account to cover overdrafts at no cost.