Young Entrepreneurs

Over the past several years, First National Bank has been actively involved in financial education for youth in area schools. Recently we have developed a program called the "Young Entrepreneurs" to build on classroom visits and provide practical application to the concepts learned in the classroom.


  • LEARN: Help educate area youth about commerce, business, entrepreneurship, personal responsibility, saving money, and creative thinking
  • EARN: Encourage youth to get excited about earning money and taking personal responsibility for finances, even at a young age
  • FUN: Provide an easy and practical way for youth to use what they have learned

What is It

Business Kit: First National Bank of Pandora has created a free youth business kit that can be used to help children organize their own lemonade stand (or other creative business idea; i.e. mowing lawns, walking dogs, etc.)

In the Kit

  • Zippered change bag
  • pen/pencil
  • Checklist to use for organizing the lemonade stand*
  • List of tips and ideas to make the lemonade stand even better
  • Fact sheet about the other benefits of a youth account (called Moola Moola)
  • Checklists for other business ideas are also available

How To Participate

  • Visit: Come to any First National Bank branch in Pandora, Findlay, or Bluffton
  • Open: Open a youth account (Moola Moola) and ask for the free business kit. If a youth already has an account at the Bank, he or she is eligible to receive a free business kit as well
  • Get Started: With the help of an adult, youth can use the business kit to organize and run their own lemonade stand or other business activity