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Business Savings

Smart business means saving for the unexpected. Your money can do more for you and your business when set aside in an interest earning savings account or CD.

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What you need to get started:

  • Proof of business EIN/TIN
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Driver's License and Social Security Number for anyone on the account or with at least 25% ownership in the business
  • Account Opening Deposit

Business Savings Account Options


Simply Savings

Hi-Fi Money Market

Health Savings

Minimum Deposit to Open




Interest Earned

Yes, beginning at $0.00

Yes, tiered beginning at $0.00

Yes, tiered beginning at $0.00

Other Account Benefits

Debit Card Available

Limited Check Writing Privileges

HSA Debit Card Available

Monthly Service Charge




Ways to Avoid a Monthly Service Charge

Monthly Service Charge waived with a $200.00 Minimum Average Daily Balance

 $5,000.00 Minimum Average Daily Balance

$500.00 Minimum Average Daily Balance or A Monthly Direct Deposit


Federal Regulations limit you to six savings account withdrawals or transfers per monthly statement period. There is a $10 charge for each withdrawal or transfer after the six permitted in the monthly statement period. This limit does not apply to withdrawals or transfers made in person, in a branch or at an ATM. If you exceed the federal limit on withdrawals, we will notify you and may have to close your account or convert your savings account to a checking account.

Title Insured Cash Sweep (ICS) Program by IntraFi®

Are you looking for additional security for your funds? Rest assured that First National Bank is in good health! But if you would still like to have a reassurance that your money is safe, consider learning about Insured Cash Sweep. ICS is a simple and safe service that uses a network of federally insured banks to cover more of your company’s money. You’ll receive the convenience of working directly with us and receiving one interest rate and getting complete FDIC insurance coverage. For more information about ICS click here.





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