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10 Rules for Strong Passwords

  1. Don’t tell your passwords to anyone! Nobody should ask for your passwords, and you should never give your passwords to anyone.
  2. Don’t use simple dictionary words, pets’ names, or people’s names for passwords. Avoid easy-to-guess numbers, such as your age, zip code, birthday or anniversary.
  3. Use passwords that are at least 20 characters long. Do not write them down where they can be easily found.
  4. Create a “pass phrase” instead of just one word (for example, $3 for the pirate hat). Or think up a few nonsense words that you can remember easily (for example, Betty was smoking tires and playing tuna fish).
  5. Use a different password for each website. Do no use simple patterns like “password1”, “password2”, “password3”, or “amazon4me”, “netflix4me”, “yahoo4me” for different sites—those are too easy to guess.
  6. Change your passwords for sensitive websites (such as your online banking or credit cards) every 60-90 days. Do not use easy-to-guess patterns when you change them.
  7. If you think someone may have learned your password, change it immediately. Then check the websites where you use that password for any signs of misuse—starting with your online banking.
  8. Sometimes websites ask you to enter the answer for a “security question” you can use if you forget your password. Make your answer to the security question just as hard to guess as your password.
  9. If your bank or webmail offers you extra security features, use them!
  10. Use the password procedures your company requires, and at home consider using a password manager like KeePass or Password Safe. Password managers make your internet use a lot safer and easier.

ATM Safety Tips

  • Know where your card is at all times. Notify First National Bank immediately if it is lost or stolen.
  • Keep your Personal Identification Number (PIN) a secret. Never write it down anywhere, especially on your card.
  • Never give your PIN to anyone. FNB will never ask you for your PIN.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, particularly at night. Never approach an ATM if you feel unsafe.
  • Never approach an ATM after dark if the lights at the ATM location do not seem to be bright enough.
  • Cover the ATM keyboard with your hands or body so others cannot see you enter your PIN.
  • Always take your receipts or transaction records with you when you leave.
  • Do not count or visually display money you received from the ATM; put it away immediately.
  • When using a drive-up ATM, always keep your car running and doors locked.

Fraud Protection

Identity theft and consumer fraud can happen in an instant, it's important to protect yourself. Consider getting identity theft protection from trusted companies like LifeLock®. There are several different membership plans to choose from based on your needs and budget.

It's also good to learn about simple tips and tools you can use to reduce your risk of identity theft and protect your financially sensitive information. Our short interactive course will equip you with important knowledge regarding consumer fraud and identity theft, prevention and protection tips and how to respond to identity theft.

You can also download our CardValet® app to quickly freeze and unfreeze your debit card, receive real-time debit card alerts, set limitations of where your debit card can be used or set low balance alerts. View the short video here or download the CardValet® app in the Apple or Google Play stores.

 In the unfortunate event that you are a victim of identity fraud, please contact us immediately and we can help guide you through the process. In addition,  the Federal Trade Commission has created because if you become a victim of identity theft recovering is much easier with a plan.

Lost or Stolen Contact Information

ATM Card or Debit Card

  • Report your lost or stolen ATM or Debit Card immediately.
  • Call (419) 384-3221
  • Call (800) 472-3272 after hours
  • To report and dispute fraudulent debit card activity drop this form off at any branch or mail it to: First National Bank, P.O. Box 329, Pandora, OH 45877

Credit Card 24 Hour Service: Call (866) 552-8855; if calling outside of U.S. call (701) 461-1922



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